Transport in Taxi authorised by the Social Security to all the hospitals


You have to go to a hospital or a health centre for care, examinations and tests or consultation. You have a 100% care reimbursement by the Social Security due to a Long-Term Illness ( LTI).

Your doctor then gives you a travel voucher so that you can avail of a taxi authorised by the health insurance for your travels.

If you satisfy these conditions with your travel voucher and your insurance certificate (mentioning a 100% care reimbursement), call on for an authorised taxi.

Your travel will cost you nothing : it will be settled in full by the Social Security, you will not have to pay any fee in advance.
On the other hand, if you choose to use a non-authorised taxi, the cost of the transport will be your responsibility and will not be reimbursed by the Social Security.

For your peace of mind, then call Taxi David, your taxi in Gonesse authorised by the Social Security (N° of approval : 952.557.288).
I shall provide you with a service of quality and to get you to your destination, in the best possible conditions, whatever the distance.

Important information regarding authorised transport

Please find below more information and important documents (documents only in French) :

  • It is important to ask, at each of your appointments in a hospital, for an attending receipt (also called certificate of presence, …)
  • Also, the Social Security ask that the travel voucher is not dated the day of the appointment. It must be dated the day before your notification, or at the latest a day before your appointment
  •és (Insured area) : follow the reimbursements, download a insurance certificate…
  • (Health insurance folder) : explanation and information on the conditions and the process regarding the use of travel vouchers
  • Dépliant-transport (Informative Leaflet of the Health insurance) : short document to be downloaded on the prescription of a transport
  • Message-cpam (Message of the Health insurance for the insured): message explaining the pricing for the authorised transport in taxi and how it works

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